I began my journey into healing and rehabilitation working as a physical therapy aide in skilled nursing and rehab settings. While working in with patients with advanced neurological and musculoskeletal challenges, I noted that patients who received manual therapy had a significantly easier time achieving their therapy goals. During this time I studied Therapeutic Massage in a clinical setting at De Anza College, where I spent several subsequent years as a T.A. the chiropractor who taught the advanced skills class. Following my time at De Anza, I worked and studied with Brian Johnson, a Rolfer in Santa Cruz. Learning to ask "why" and to look for the deeper reasons as to what was leading to a persons
pain lead me on the same path Brian had undertook many years before and I left to attend the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. Since then I have explored and studied the seemingly never ending world of bodywork. These days my work consists of a mixture of structural myofascial release, visceral manipulation, cranial work and movement reeducation.